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SciCAN| Science and Community Action Network

What is SciCAN?

SciCAN, the Science and Community Action Network, is a community-centered web platform that aims to challenge the status quo by bringing together grassroots movements, scientists and subject matter experts from across the country.  SciCAN is a place where members can share ideas, and resources to bridge the divide between science and activism so that allies can optimize their use of science to help drive movements in service of frontline communities.

Why are we building it?

At Environmental Justice convenings year after year, the absence of a central place for groups to share resources and ideas is identified as a barrier to grassroots movements. Work is replicated by advocates across the US, who often face similar challenges, and a platform for sharing their experiences would be beneficial. SciCAN provides a space for frontline communities and other stakeholders to gather and share ideas. The involvement of academics and subject matter experts interested in ensuring their professional pathway is meaningful, whether by research, education, or technical service, provides additional benefits. In this multidisciplinary collaborative project, frontline-community knowledge and expertise can be integrated into scientific practice, as it should be, and evidence-based research can be more effectively utilized in local organizing. With SciCAN, collaborative solutions can be shared, accessed and replicated across movements, thereby making community efforts more efficient and effective.


SciCAN provides a space to build alliances that protect our most vulnerable communities while they battle constant threats that stem from environmental, economic and social injustice. There are a number of benefits available to SciCAN users. Here are just a few:

  1. Access to shared research, resources, projects and personal stories
  2. Connections with allies from a variety of backgrounds without geographical barriers
  3. A single location that fosters open and inclusive communication within our diverse community, including between advocacy groups and subject matter experts
  4. Up-to-date information, with forums and resources that are continuously evolving as the movement evolves
  5. Opportunities for scientists and other experts to bring their work into practice in service of frontline communities


Resource Library

Resources will be uploaded by users. Included with each file or document is a summary and a description of the item's utility. These files will be searchable by tags or keywords that are most pertinent to the SciCAN members.

Membership Map

A visual representation of user locations and profiles, so people can connect based on shared geography, interests, skill sets and/or areas of expertise.

Find an Expert

When users are unable to find answers to their questions, either through accessing shared resources or through connections made on the membership map, using the “find an expert” feature contacts the SciCAN administrators who will attempt to locate an expert to respond to the inquiry.


This section is built to promote dialogues between users and provide a platform to ask questions about research, advocacy, or other user experiences. This resource provides access to frontline communities addressing a host of environmental and health related challenges with access to publications, experts, and up to date research as well as a forum for multi-disciplinary collaboration across communities.


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